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  • You don’t need a huge bankroll.
  • You may start by making small bets and end up playing for large stakes, risking only your winnings. Also, there is no need to disguise your betting patterns.
  • You can play relaxed since you don’t have to worry about pit bosses banning you from the casino for counting cards.
  • There are only a few rules to follow in this system so you don’t have to wear yourself out by concentrating on highly complex systems, such as card counting.
  • You can play at most popular land based and online casinos in games using any number of decks (even those that use continuous shuffle machines).


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From: Richard Davidson,
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    • A really easy strategy that requires minimal concentration.
    • A simple method to track favorable tables before you play.
    • A powerful system that profits fast, even at cold and neutral tables.
    • A way to have fun winning without fear of persecution.
    • A sound money management technique that locks up early profits and limits losses.
    • In short, a proven, easy money making machine!

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